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Communicating with idioms and poetic words, to mince through even the bravest of heart.

Who is he, anyway?

a sensitive soul with some knack of sardonic humor

Creative writing is always his passion, so is web technology (NOT web design, mind you). Majored in Software Engineering, he earned his vocational high school degree in 2011 with honour. He is currently finishing his degree in English-Indonesian Translation from a state university.

In his spare time, he writes fan fictions and translates lyrics. His love for fandom stands the test of time -- he has been writing and translating since 2007. His translation portfolio attracted a big educational wiki, which he worked with as a translator-cum-project-assistant for 4 years. In his translation career, he had translated more than 600,000 words, covering a lot of subjects for local and international clients.

His specialization is English - Indonesian localization. More than translation, localization also take local customs and traditions into account, making it easy for brands and websites to penetrate the saturated Indonesian market.

His career in copywriting and content writing has just started in 2017, but with years of creative writing in his belt, great results can be expected already from him.

Some of his portfolios can be read in this blog.

Introducing, the man called M. Lutfi, known coloquially as Dai (or Daichi Suzuki).

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